About Us

Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane KulickWe’re the Kulicks!

We love getting up early to head to our kitchen for fresh coffee and get our busy day started. We catch up on some local Las Vegas news together, (always entertaining!) and then it’s time to check our emails, read our social media all while enjoying the sunshine and hummingbirds sipping from our feeders in our courtyard. Bruce’s energy is fast and furious in the morning.  He gets busy feeding our 3 Betta fish, putting away last nights dishes (we don’t like noisy dishwashers!) and preparing his list for for his day. Lisa is thinking about all the creative ideas she has in her daily planner, while watching Bruce fly around the home like his hummingbird friends!

We love playing music in our home, (vinyl, CD’s, + streaming) and we feel that Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin’s songs motivate us. Although rock guitar playing is Bruce’s profession, the great American Standards are our passion and joy.

After some stretching and exercise, it’s time for breakfast. We love cooking in our beautiful kitchen, and we have to admit that pancakes are one of our favorite dishes to prepare and enjoy.

Bruce does travel for Grand Funk and other music projects often, so when he is home we work together on keeping his music career fresh and vibrant. The office is an open man cave for Bruce, looking into the kitchen where Lisa uses our large granite island to create her unique artwork, called “LVGCreationsArt”.

We love working together on music, and Lisa’s voice can cover the KISS songs from the 80’s, even though she enjoys Judy Garland and Rosemary Clooney best. Bruce loves backing her on guitar and arranged productions. It’s always fun starting from an idea, and creating a completed performance.

WHY we started KulicksPancakesRecipes.com 

In March of 2020 when the world stopped due to a pandemic, the home we love became our entire world. With nowhere to travel, and not being able to grab a meal at our favorite restaurants, the joy of cooking became a big part of our lives.

Breakfast Bruce always says, “Is the most important meal of the day”!  And of course cereal and toast was not gonna cut it.  It was time to put our creative minds, palates, and BK’s chef hat on and make some delicious pancake recipes to enjoy! We never realized how many ways there are to create pancakes, and cooking them together was not only fun, it was rewarding.

Our pancake obsession started with the more common recipes, and has evolved to include pancake recipes beyond our imagination. With Lisa’s creativity fueling our passion for cooking and with a little help from our photography team, we’ve decided to share these amazing recipes with the world! We’ve learned quite a lot and this website will help answer many of your questions you may have about making pancakes.

We hope you enjoy making our recipes as much as we do, and remember to enjoy the process. To us, it’s similar to creating beautiful music in our kitchen.

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