Why Won’t My Pancakes Cook Through?

While making pancakes seems straightforward, there are plenty of common issues people encounter that keep their pancakes from fully cooking through.

  • Check Your Temperature: If you set your heat too high, the exterior will burn, but the inside of your pancakes will still be raw and soggy. Set your burner to a lower temperature to make sure that your pancakes cook evenly.
  • Don’t Over-Stuff: If you’re adding mix-ins like blueberries or chocolate chips to your pancakes, be careful not to add too many because it will weigh down your pancake batter and result in pancakes that aren’t cooked through.

Other Common Pancake Problems:

  • Leave Clumps in Your Batter: When you mix your pancakes, you should only combine it enough to allow all the dry ingredients to be fully mixed together; it should have clumps in it, rather than mixed to the point of being a very blended batter! Over mixing leads to tough and chewy pancakes.
  • Only Flip Once: Make sure you only flip your pancakes over one time because if you flip them too often, it’s harder to achieve a fully cooked fluffy pancake.
Bruce and Lisa Pancake Rockstars

Hey I'm Bruce Kulick, former KISS guitarist and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist. My wife, Lisa Lane Kulick and I are pancake aficionados and have expertly crafted our list of pancake recipes befitting a rockstar. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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