How Many Calories Are in a Pancake with Syrup?

A pancake with syrup has around 150 to 200 calories, depending on the size of your pancake, the specific pancake recipe or boxed mix, and the type of syrup you use.

To get a more precise figure, start with the pancake itself. On average:

  • A 4-inch pancake is 86 calories.
  • A 5-inch pancake is 91 calories.
  • A 6-inch pancake is 175 calories.
  • A 7-inch pancake is 182 calories.

If you eat that pancake with syrup, add calories accordingly:

  • A tablespoon of pure maple syrup is 52 calories.
  • A tablespoon of reduced-calorie pancake syrup is 25 calories.
  • A tablespoon of pancake syrup with 2% maple is 53 calories.
  • A tablespoon of butter-flavored pancake syrup is 59 calories.