Pancake vs. Griddle Cake: What’s the Difference?

The pancake vs. griddle cake debate all comes down to who you ask. In America, these two terms are interchangeable: They both refer to a flat, fluffy cake usually served for breakfast. But that’s not true in every country. For instance, in the United Kingdom, a griddle cake refers to a pancake that is thick and fluffy, similar to the ones you find in the U.S., but what they call a pancake is flatter, thinner, and wider in a way that’s similar to a French crepe.

Pancakes and griddle cakes are usually made of the same ingredients, though some countries put their own spin on the classic breakfast food. For example, in Norway, they add either kefir or buttermilk alongside flour, baking soda, sugar, and butter. But overall, pancakes and griddle cakes in most places are very similar, and you can’t really go wrong with ordering either one.