Are Pancake and Waffle Batter the Same?

Are pancake and waffle mix the sameIt’s a common misconception that pancake and waffle batter are the same and you can make great waffles from pancake mix or vice versa and the only difference between them is how you cook them. However, even though pancake and waffle recipes share basic ingredients, such as milk, eggs, and flour, their batter is not entirely the same. Waffle batter contains more fats and sugar in order to create caramelization when it is encased in a waffle maker or iron which leads to a crispier exterior and soft interior.

Even the way the batter is mixed together showcases why these two breakfast foods are not quite the same. Pancakes require the wet and dry ingredients to be mixed separately before finally coming together to create a delicious breakfast that’s reminiscent of cake while waffles just require you to beat the eggs before adding the rest of the ingredients to the same bowl in order to make a fried meal with a texture similar to beignets or funnel cake.