How Should Pancake Mix Look?

In order to get perfectly fluffy pancakes every time, how your pancake batter should look matters! Pancake batter is slightly lumpy, but not too thick. Your pancake mix should be thick enough to drip off the spoon little by little instead of pouring too easily onto your heated surface.

If you believe your mix is too thick, add milk a tablespoon at a time until it reaches the desired consistency. If your pancake mix is too runny or you fear you’ve added too much milk, you can add a little bit of flour until it returns to the desired thickness. If the flour doesn’t fix the issue, then your baking powder may have gone bad after sitting in your pantry for a long time. If you think that’s the issue double-check its freshness by splashing a little bit of warm water on a spoonful of baking powder. If it bubbles or fizzes then your baking powder is fresh, but if it doesn’t do anything then you may need to remake your batter with active baking powder.