Flapjack vs. Pancake: What’s the Difference?

Flapjack vs pancakes whats the differenceThe difference between a pancake and a flapjack depends on where you live. In the United Kingdom, there’s a big difference, but in the United States and Canada, there’s no difference at all.

In the U.K., flapjacks are a type of oat bar that contains brown sugar, butter, and golden syrup. They’re like chewy granola bars, and like granola bars, they can also contain additions like fruits and nuts.

However, in the United States and Canada, the terms “flapjack” and “pancake” are usually used interchangeably to describe flat cakes made of thin batter that has been cooked on both sides. Different regions of the U.S. are more likely to call them one name or the other. For example, in the South, “flapjacks” is the preferred term, while the North and Northeast prefer “pancakes.” There is no noticeable difference between them except for the name, and whatever you call them, they’re sure to be delicious!